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Birds building small nests. Big ones are built for big birds. They build as they tweet. Happiness spreads as they build. Sadness spreads as they break down.Japanese Tanka by Thor Correia.

Save and Restore

HTML5 provides us with new possibilities. To save and restore form values you no longer need to rely on a server-side script, or cookies. HTML5 localStorage API is already available in every modern browser. By using the localStorage API in combination with JSON, we can roll out an efficient client-side solution to save and restore any form.

“The HTML5 Web Storage object provides access to a list of key/value pairs, called items. Keys are strings. Any string is a valid key. Values are similarly strings.” W3C

Make Your Own URL Shortener

I know there are hundreds of URL shortening services available, and most of them will work just fine for you. However, if you have a short domain-name, why not code your own service?

“Be careful of the words you say, keep them short and sweet.” Anonymous

jQuery Plugins

All plugins have been successfully tested on the latest versions of Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome.


Randomize loads a set of random images without repeating on a single re-load. Requires HTML5 localStorage.

path: 'images',           // path
extension: 'jpg',         // file type
number_of_images: null,   // optional
in_array: true,           // boolean
images_array: [],         // array
speed: 1200               // milliseconds


The Stack plugin loads JSON encoded data, and inserts every element in the data set to the end of the target.

set: 2,                  // integer
shuffle: false,          // boolean
element: 'gallery'       // class


Giving a list of items, it builds a simple image gallery. Easy to maintain and quick to implement.

path: 'images',        // path
extension: 'jpg',      // file type
caption: true,         // boolean
start: 1,              // integer
link: true,            // boolean
speed_in: 700,         // milliseconds
speed_out: 700,        // milliseconds
prefix: 'showcase_'    // string


Expand and collapse an unordered list on callback. Ideal for building navigation with sub categories.

speed: 1200     // milliseconds
active_class: 'active' // class


This plugin creates an excerpt of the 1st paragraph and toggles the visibility of all paragraphs that follows.

excerptLenght: 100,        // integer
endTag: '…',               // string
expandName: 'Expand',      // string
collapseName: 'Collapse',  // string
expandedClass: 'expanded'  // class


Control the height of a element to display the first few lines of text, or the content in full.

_class: 'expand',         // class
speed: 700,               // milliseconds
expand_txt: 'read more',  // string
close_txt: 'close'        // string


With fadeflow you can fadeIn or fadeOut images sequentially. Very simple to implement.

opacity: 1.0,     // value from 0 to 1
speed: 400,       // milliseconds
element: 'img',   // element tag
fadeAfter: 1000,  // milliseconds
onComplete: fn    // callback function


UL overflow compacts an item list and creates an expand and collapse toggle option.

overflowAfter: 12,         // items
expandName: 'Expand',      // string
collapseName: 'Collapse',  // string
expandedClass: 'on'        // class


This plugin splits an unordered list into smaller unordered lists. Select how many childern elements should each unordered list contain, and the plugin will do the rest.

splitOn: 4,         // integer
class_name: null    // class

Recommended Books

High Performance MySQL: Optimization, Backups, Replication, and More.
Very good book for those who want more in-depth understanding of MySQL.
JavaScript The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford
Short and sweet. Great encapsulation of the language, yet a bit dry to read.
Regular Expressions Cookbook by Jan Goyvaerts and Steven Levithan
Very well organized and plenty of useful examples. “One of the most valuable tools in any programmer's arsenal”.
PHP Cookbook by Adam Trachtenberg
Well organized, easy to find what you are looking for. “Reference book every PHP programmer should have.”
Programming PHP by Rasmus Lerdorf
Good teaching of the core language. An excellent intermediate level book.
PHP 5 Advanced by Larry Ullman
I like the way the author writes, so ease to understand. It keeps you focus.
Simply SQL by Rudy Limeback
“The writing is clear and concise”. This book will teach the basics of SQL for sure.


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